As a current Ph.D. student in Educational Policy, I am constantly coming across policy issues and ideas. Whether in classes or during informal chats with friends. Sometimes, I come across perplexing,  and even contradicting ideas, that my head starts to spin. I therefore decided to create an outlet for myself, and hopefully share some ideas that might spark the next mind. I know that I do not know what I think I know about policy. Socrates is alluded to have said, “…in this small extent I am wiser; that what I do not know, in no way I think I know.” Therefore, everything I write is only my opinion and not what I think should be the solution. I will also cite other scholars and researchers appropriately.

Most of my posts will be very short but not all. Some of them may be just rants. Others may be more formal analyses of an issue. Not all issues will be specifically about education but as we all know, everything is connected to education i.e. housing, welfare, workforce development, healthcare, mass incarceration etc. As mentioned above, I do not claim to know anything and I am just as lost as many of you interested in public policy, hence the title of my blog: LOST IN POLICY!

photo by Bernhard Benke tagged “Sometimes I am in the wood…”